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welcome to my little piece of the Internet!

I am Eleonora and I am a freelance journalist! Leonora Magnanelli
I was born and raised under the Tuscan sun, but from February 2017 I’ve been traveling between New York City and Florence to pursuit my deepest passion: journalism and writing!

I am an insatiable reader and I could write anywhere and at any time, just give me a pen or a laptop.

America has always been a dream of mine, and years after I spent an unreasonable amount of money on American magazine and newspaper imported in Italy, I decide to separate myself from my true and only love – pasta – and see what’s going on on the other side of the Atlantic (while saving some money at the newsstand)!

To discover more about me why don’t you take a look at my published work here?


I am the person for you…
If you you want a smart, focused, and creative digital storyteller with an international perspective and the ability to communicate across multiple format and genres.
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If you want to contact me, give me a feedback or just say Hi, you can send me an email at magnanellieleonora@gmail.com
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